Serena Saunders


Mother. Painter. Teacher. Child of God. Student of Life.


Crayons when crawling. Uncle doodling Mickey Mouse. Easels for Christmas and construction paper over dolls. I always knew that my food would taste better with charcoal on my hands, clothes better with stains of paint. I clean my brushes on myself, its better than rags. I give it all I am and all I have. 

While I embraced being an artist, I gave equal attention to not being placed in a box. Afraid of the limitations. First on my list was too not have my work labeled "Black Art".  So much so, you would rarely see the colors red, black and green simultaneously dominate in my work. I guess you can say I ran in the opposite direction. In college I was called "Sherbet" because of the color palette that would find its way out of my primary tubes of paint. 

I am past this now. (Glory!) Having worked extremely hard to create a body of work which represents how I think visually, the who I am , is beginning to speak for itself from the canvas. Not only should l not have to run from being a Black artist, I should not want too. The truth is it was never about me. It was always and will always be about the work. I didn't want my work to be limited in its exposure or purpose.

Now I find myself exploring being included in the art world outside of my studio. Am I a realist painter? A portrait artist? Will the graffiti in my work limit me? I guess this is all left to be seen. It's show time. I have now convinced myself that I deserve this. I am stepping into the arena. I am interested in opportunities to show my work, speak to life of an artist and entrepreneur and what inspires me to paint. When I wake up chasing dreams and painting my visions into reality I am not only seeking to create an amazing piece of art for you. I am creating a life for myself and my family. 

Enjoy the site. Be Great