it's about the breakthrough


The Camo Collection

This collections of paintings allow me to explore color relationships and my desire to grow in realism. Never fully committed to one style of art, this collection was the first to allow me to play with both sides of my thoughts. The place where color and shape played off of one another creating a sort of world, or space in which the portrait would soon come to live. These backgrounds began to tell a story and would often have as much to say as the portrait itself. 

The first painting in this style, was initially thought of to be “elementary” in design when at first all you could see were the puzzle style shapes of color locking together. Still to come was the person that would be emerging through this sea of color and shape which I likened to camouflage and the idea of warfare that it implies. I sought to create a feminine and chaotic atmosphere for my faces to breakthrough, to symbolize what I believed women were doing everyday. Women used those glass ceilings and created a greenhouse in which they bloomed and grew stronger only to eventually break through. The Camo Collection is all about the breakthrough. Be it spiritually, emotionally or mentally, others cannot help but see your power emerge in the physical form as you emerge victorious. 


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