The making of the Serena Williams portrait “21GRAND”
Oil on Canvas

Welcome to the making of the Serena Williams triptych. It started the summer of 2015 during the time that Serena Williams was playing for her 21st Grand Slam win, hence the title of the first piece of the series, "21GRAND". For the first few weeks I ate, drank and slept this painting, while watching Serena play tennis on tv in the background of the studio. I like to have studio noise when I paint, such as a television playing that I may or may not be watching, blaring loud music or a movie. The story I was trying to tell in this painting began to take on new layers and I took some time away from it because I was beginning to over think and doubt my vision. Then, in February 2016 I rehung the massive painting in my studio to work towards bringing the vision to fruition. I am also open to it changing and reshaping. Serena Williams as a person is such an awesome study, I am blessed to have her as a muse. 




that it can in fact become overwhelming to do her justice. I pray my efforts rise to the occasion.