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Painting with MsPassionArt - Intro to Painting Workshop


The workshop will be held every Tuesday evening 6:30-8:30PM and will run for 12 consecutive weeks. The first session will be Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015. 

There is a registration fee of $75 and covers all supplies need for the duration of the workshop, including canvases, brushes and paint, as well as all other tools such as paint mediums and wash jars, rags etc.

There is $30 due every Tuesday which can be paid by credit/debit card, paypal or cash. 


Must be 21 or older to participate.

No previous art training or experience necessary. 

Must be open-minded and respective of others as to take part in healthy dialogue during session critiques which will be held weekly.


This workshop was designed to create an environment where adult painters can grow in idea, practice and technique in the company of like-minded artists. We will enjoy music, great conversation and support while exploring what art is to us, and how to communicate our thoughts onto to canvas and furthermore to an audience. At the end of the workshop each person will have 3 completed pieces which will then be exhibited in our closing group show. - *Closing show date TBD amongst group. 

MATERIALS we will work with:

Canvas / Wood / Acrylic Paint / Oil Paint / Paint mediums such as turpentine and linseed oil and varnished



The workshop will begin promptly at 6:30 and run the full 2hrs.