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The Passion Share Project


The Passion Share Project

The Passion Share Project is an initiative to give back to my community of supporters by way of highly discounted art based projects and products. As opposed to holding random sales in hopes to engage those who may not be able to afford my services otherwise, I have decided to approach giving back in a more organized way, in hopes of making a larger impact in a more meaningful way. I am thankful for the outpour of love and support that so many extend to me and the work I create. This project is just a small part of the Passion Share Program. 

HOW PASSION SHARE WORKS: Every month I will select 3 projects, one from each of the categories below. These projects will be offered for commission at a highly discounted rate (see category for more on this). The projects will be selected a month in advance. Submissions are now open for September 2017. Project submissions are to be sent to, subject line: PassionShare - (your name). Those selected will be notified via email on the last Friday of that month. For example, this first and current cycle will be notified, Friday, August 25, 2017. Please refer to the exact details per category below. 


This category is for a Portrait Commission. It can be a portrait of someone you would like to celebrate, a loved one lost, or any other personal reason you may have for wanting someone painted. This is a single-person portrait. Restrictions are it can not be of yourself or a celebrity. The portrait will be painted on a 16”x20" stretched canvas, in oil paint with a removable custom wood frame. I will be offering this portrait slot, once-a-month to someone for the discounted cost of $250.00 (60%+ off the original base cost).This will be a one-time payment that will need to be paid-in-full at the time your submission is accepted. The portrait will be completed and ready for pick-up within that following calendar month. If it is desired by a specific date for a special event etc, that can be discussed with the artist directly but not guaranteed.  


This category is for a Mural Commission specifically for small businesses. There are so many amazing businesses opening across our city, and I have found that a great mural can go such a long way with both beautifying a space as well as contributing to the overall branding and success of this business. I will select one business a month, to complete an INDOOR mural for at the discounted cost of $500.00 (plus supplies) (discounted by more than 50%). Restrictions are that this is not to be a full-bled (corner to corner full color mural) and not to extend to multiple walls. This is for imagery related to or supportive of the vision of the business to be painted on one wall within the establishment. The mural will be painted over the course of a two-day period, to be determined by the artist and client once the submission is selected.


This category is where you get to be creative. I am always looking for out-of-the-box ways to utilize my gift. Have you had a vision burning inside that you may not have the ability to create all on your own? I would love to hear about it if it is something that you believe I could be of help with. I would love to give examples but I feel that by doing so I could potentially limit your scope. I believe, that if you are reading this, and you have something in mind, this category may be for you! I would suggest that when submitting your idea, that you also include a budget that you feel comfortable working with, as we will have to consider the discount on a per project basis, as they will always be different. Let your imagination fly and we will see if it’s a match. In this category, it will greatly increase your chances if you are as detailed as possible about your vision, and the purpose for it coming to life.



Once your submission is SELECTED the payment is due within 24hrs via a Paypal invoice that will be sent to you with your acceptance note. If you do not pay your invoice within 24 hrs someone else will be selected for your slot and you would have to reapply for a later month. IF the services cannot be rendered within the calendar month allowed (as the contract will detail), of no fault of the artist, the funds are NON-REFUNDABLE, but can become a credit towards future services (not the discounted slot won) to be used within a 90day period or considered null and void. For any other reason, other then the artist becoming unable to perform the service, the payment is NON-REFUNDABLE. If for reason, non-related to the client, the artist is unable to fulfill her commitment you will receive a 100% refund within 24hrs of the breach of contract. All selected persons will receive and enter into a contract detailing the submission at time of invoice.



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